Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture

Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture

Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture, the cannabis industry is going big, and so is its pollution potential. Just like any other crop, large-scale cannabis cultivation has an impact on the environment. Regenerative agriculture might be the natural answer to the need for more sustainable cannabis products. Read on to learn how your cannabis grows can be regenerative too.

Together with fossil fuels, agriculture and industrial farming are the greatest cause of climate change. The impact of agriculture on the environment will be a hot topic for years, and since cannabis processing is growing fast and going global, this industry must take its share of the responsibility. Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture.


Researchers analyzed the impact of large-scale cannabis growing in northern California, finding soils and ecosystems in the region to be seriously damaged by extensive cultivation. Cannabis farming requires a generous amount of water, which can contribute to droughts, while its wastewater pouring into soil and rivers is often polluted with some sort of residual chemicals.

Moreover, the volatile compounds that produce cannabis’ aroma can dangerously increase ozone levels surrounding a big plantation. Finally, the carbon footprint from grow room and greenhouse energy usage is a relevant issue too.

Even if it was possible, splitting large cultivations into thousands of home businesses would not solve the problem. What every grower, big or small, should aim for is a localised and customised practice of sustainable agriculture. And further ahead, regenerative agriculture.


Improving biodiversity is at the centre of regenerative agriculture. Local variations on regenerative agricultural practices have been around for centuries. Retrieving and evolving these practices means planning “closed-loop” operations that are able to restore the natural features of air, water, soil, and their ecosystems, plus providing decent yields with each harvest. Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative agriculture goes a step further than sustainable agriculture with its healing effect on the environment, which could also improve crop quality. Easier said than done, of course.

Nevertheless, just to make an example, industrial hemp is, by nature, able to sequester toxic substances from polluted soils and regenerate them into arable land over time. Hemp’s large canopy also prevents the growth of bad weeds, and its stems have hundreds of eco-friendly applications.

Regardless of the crop, regenerative agriculture might mitigate farming impact on the environment. However, whether it’s because it might be economically inefficient or for other reasons, regenerative practices aren’t so popular even among organic farmers.



Growing cannabis in an environmentally sustainable way is not easy, particularly in high-yield commercial systems. Moreover, a large part of today’s cannabis is grown indoors, whether for efficiency or legal requirements. Cannabis Supports Regenerative Agriculture.

Is it possible for cannabis farmers to modify their growing processes in order to protect local soil, water, and ecosystems? Does it make sense for the home grower to change proven habits to follow a few environmentally friendly gardening practices?

Converting a regular cannabis grow into a regenerative one takes some effort. Setting up a brand-new regenerative operation takes even more effort. However, regenerative agriculture brings some advantages that might be properly monetised. Here are the main benefits for consumers of regenerative agriculture cannabis derivatives:

• Enhanced flavour of products
• Higher amount of beneficial compounds
• No chemical residues
• New strains and locally adapted genetic lines

These are the potential benefits of regenerative agriculture for growers, citizens, and everybody else:

• Helps restore ecosystems and natural soil balance
• Naturally prevents or reduces pests
• Reduces water consumption
• Reduces power consumption
• Eliminates chemical fertilisers and pesticides


Both the commercial grower and the home grower would do well to stop using fertilisers and wasteful watering practices. No one is innocent, we know that! But then again, we can minimise our garden’s impact on the Earth by adopting some of the following regenerative techniques:

 Minimise artificial light. Reduce the use of grow lamps and follow the sun’s natural cycle. Set up energy-efficient greenhouses instead of grow boxes.

• Rainwater collection systems send water directly to the roots. Utilise drip irrigation to deliver water to precise locations and reduce the amount used.

• Crop rotation, companion planting, and biodiversity can help control pests and activate synergies. Only natural pesticides are allowed.

• Use no-till farming, on-site composting, and bokashi as primary sources of nutrients.

• Mulching and cover crops keep ecosystems alive during the off-season, suppressing bad weed growth, enriching the soil, preventing soil erosion or hardening, and providing habitats for beneficial organisms.

• Worm farming. Enrich the soil with vermiculture to establish a synergistic network of bacteria and other organisms. Farm animals also produce nutrient-rich manure.

That’s not all you can try. You can also read our articles on how to grow organic cannabis and how to make homemade compost. And, you can even create your own landraces! By working with cannabis plants in your unique regenerating environment, you can produce genetically unique strains native to their farms. Will these “regenerative genetics” be the top-shelf outdoor strains of the near future?

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